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Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc. of Irvine, California has developed an innovative carbon neutral process with high thermal and electric power production efficiency for safe and economical management of residuals. The patented Gate System (G5S) is being introduced at wastewater treatment plants (“WWTPs”) as a superior, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable alternative to both traditional sewage sludge and biosolids management practices. Using a virtually unlimited and self-sustaining fuel source, the G5S produces renewable energy without using any fossil fuel or grid electricity.

The G5S is conceived and developed around the fact that sewage sludge, manure, and food waste (“residuals”) contain significant recoverable latent energy. The Gate 5 process can recover more than 93% of the heat energy in residuals and can produce electric power with as much as a 40% conversion efficiency, transforming these abundant and sustainable resources into renewable energy and usable by-products without the use of fossil fuel or grid electricity. This is a more efficient thermal process that, in contrast to incineration-based processes, can meet the stringent air emissions standards of CARB (California Air Resources Board) and SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District). Residuals volume is reduced ~95% in the G5S, and the post-combustion waste that remains is a sterile ash that can be used as a concrete or asphalt amendment or, otherwise can be safely buried.

Requiring no other fuels, the G5S process is self-sustainable at residuals volumes of 5 WTD (wet tons per day) of 25% solids and can produce excess energy without a practical limit as residuals volumes grow. The G5S is scalable and has a small footprint (as a point of reference a 120 WTPD capacity G5S has a footprint of ~ 1 acre). Because it can be located on site at a WWTP, a food processing plant, food waste disposal facility, feedlot, or dairy operation; residuals hauling and land disposal is unnecessary. All organics in the residuals, living and chemical, hazardous or not, are completely destroyed, preventing their dispersal back into the environment. In addition to sustainably producing renewable energy from a virtually limitless but hardly used fuel source, the G5S at a WWTP can:

  • Reduce GHG emissions from plant operations as well as transportation and land-based management/disposal of biosolids
  • Lower operating costs through simplified operation, energy recovery and by-product sale
  • Eliminate the costs and environmental impacts associated with biosolids production, hauling and land-based biosolids management

Gate 5 is confident the Gate 5 Energy System will become a preferred way to safely manage the many millions of tons of residuals generated annually worldwide.