Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc.

Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc. (“Gate 5”) brings an innovative and breakthrough solution to the growing challenges of managing sewage sludge (biosolids) and manure (together “Residuals”), and producing renewable energy. Gate 5’s patented process transforms Residuals into renewable energy and usable byproducts while avoiding the inherent health and environmental risks. The Gate 5 Energy System ("G5ES") is self-sustaining, scalable and independent of transportation or land application and therefore, provides true innovation to Residuals management. No fossil fuel is required to operate the G5ES so all of the energy produced is truly renewable.

Gate 5’s “waste to energy” technology addresses major environmental challenges today: the world’s fossil fuels are being depleted and land available for managing Residuals is declining, both at increasing rates. At the same time an accelerated rate of climate change is attributed to release of greenhouse gasses and burning of fossil fuels. Additionally, worldwide the public and private sectors work to protect people and the environment from the public health risks of contamination and diseases that can be borne by Residuals. The G5ES is an innovative technology that addresses these critical problems with a solution that is both economically and environmentally sound: today’s waste becomes tomorrow’s power.