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How Today's Waste
Becomes Tomorrow's Resources

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Renewable Energy Solutions Through Residuals Management

Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc. has developed and patent-protected an innovative and sustainable non-incineration process for management of sewage sludge, animal manure, fecal material, and food waste (together "residuals"), that:

  • Harnesses this virtually limitless, but hardly used, fuel supply to produce sustainable energy without using fossil fuels.
  • Keeps all contaminants and pathogens in these residuals out of our environment because they are destroyed in the Gate 5's thermal process.

Gate 5 provides an economically and environmentally superior alternative to traditional waste management processes (such as incineration or anaerobic digestion) and transportation-based biosolids management in which the waste material is hauled away and either "beneficially used" as a fertilizer, spread on the ground, or incinerated.

The Gate 5 System (G5S) enables the on-site transformation of these materials into renewable energy and other usable products while completely destroying the hazardous and potentially hazardous living and organic chemical substances of concern in the residuals and sequestering the remaining inorganic waste (ash) after combustion of sewage sludge and other residuals. G5S is self-sustaining, scalable, and independent of transportation or land application. Therefore, it provides true innovation to residuals management. No fossil fuels are required to operate the G5S, so all of the energy produced is truly renewable. The G5S addresses these critical problems with a solution that is both economically and environmentally sound, showing that today's waste can become tomorrow's resources.